Mobile networks on-board vehicle and aircraft platforms require reliable IP networking solutions, including rugged network routers and Ethernet switches, to connect tactical mission systems and sensors at the network edge. Curtiss-Wright’s rugged Ethernet subsystems and card solutions do just that–they enable manned and unmanned systems to securely and affordably deploy digital network architectures that empower situational awareness and network centric operations. These products become the network backbone for delivering secure data, video, and voice services to mobile network nodes in very demanding environments. New platforms and technology refresh efforts routinely leverage Ethernet data network architecture to facilitate the integration of C4ISR systems, eliminate communication stovepipes, and delivers new information sharing capabilities.

Optimized for the Size, Weight & Power (SWaP) constraints of civil and military platforms, Curtiss-Wright’s networking solutions are widely used to link on-board devices (flight test instrumentation, avionics, vetronics, mission computers, cameras, command-and-control equipment) in manageable, highly secure IP networks. Supporting advanced in-vehicle and airborne LAN switching / WAN routing features, our products extend enterprise-class IP networking infrastructure beyond the reach of traditional fixed-networks into mobile and embedded networking applications. From simple, plug-and play unmanaged Layer 2 switches to high-bandwidth managed Layer 3 Gigabit/10 Gigabit solutions and even ruggedized Cisco IOS technology-based options, Curtiss-Wright has a broad array of IP networking solutions to meet your application requirements.


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