When it comes to enhancing situational awareness in today’s defense platforms, seamless and trusted communication between mission-critical systems is imperative.

Field-proven rugged switches and routers enable mobile networks on-board vehicle platforms to securely and affordably deploy digital network architectures for situational awareness and network-centric operations.

Enhance Warfighter Experience while Minimizing SWaP

  • Create seamlessly connected networks that improve communication between systems for a better, safer in-vehicle experience warfighters can trust.
  • Securely and affordably deploy digital network architectures for situational awareness and network-centric operations.
  • Ease integration of C4ISR systems, eliminate communication stovepipes, and deliver new information sharing capabilities.


Easily Connect Technical Components

Interconnect cards, sensors, and processors easily through Ethernet switches:

  • Enable a holistic ecosystem that uses Ethernet to connect C4ISR technology building blocks and enhance the warfighter experience.
  • Facilitate the integration of sensor and communication systems, eliminating communication stovepipes, and delivering new information sharing capabilities.
  • Discover our broad array of rugged COTS IP networking solutions to meet your application requirements, including
  • Layer 2 switches and Layer 3 routers with capabilities including Power over Ethernet (PoE) injection, optical 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, CSfC / MACSeC encryption, advanced QoS, and Cisco IOS- network management.
  • SWaP-optimized mechanical designs that are MIL-STD / DO-160 pre-qualified for demanding vehicle platforms

Dramatically Reduce System Size, Weight, and Power

Implement Curtiss-Wright’s rugged COTS SFF modular switches and routers (Parvus DuraNET and DuraMAR):

  • Support advanced in-vehicle LAN switching/WAN routing requirements that meet the SWaP constraints of civil and military platforms.
  • Deploy our ultra-small, rugged Ethernet switches optimized for highly demanding SWaP constraints on-board ground vehicles exposed to harsh environmental and noisy electrical conditions.


  • High-speed Gigabit Ethernet / 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN switching in harsh temperature and vibration environments for IP-enabled equipment, such as on-board computers, cameras, sensors, monitoring devices, and command and control gear
  • SWaP-sensitive mobile, tactical, and vehicle applications for situation awareness and network-centric operations at network edge

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